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It's the day after yesterday

The layout it done. Honestly, it is this time. I like feels more like me. Kinda a retro/green-apple feel to it. I fear my icon doesn't match now. Oh well. I'm still having a slight problem with my friend's page though. Jeez it never ends.

Ares officially sucks basically. If you're looking for a good program to download music on, get SoulSeek. Ask me for the address and I'll be happy to help. Let me tell you, it's so much easier to find music now...especially for me, considering the crazy stuff I listen to. As soon as you get the program, download My Maker by The Heartless Bastards. :)

So...I failed my second semester of intermediate algrebra. I was very near tears, I had prayed to get a C on the exam in order to pass. Unfortunetly, it didn't happen, I ended up with a D-. I even studied, I had notes and everything too. This last quarter was killing me; I'm pretty disapointed. I'm not looking forward to retaking algebra but I guess it must be done.

I was looking at the Wizzy Wig website today and I noticed they had a Nyanco Burger T-shirt. I'm sure nobody would really appreciate this in the way that I would, but being a collector, I have to say I simply must have it. Good thing July isn't too far away. :)

Sidenote: I'm really upset that Marie Antoinette is out in France already, and I won't get to see it until forkin' October!!!! Hello people! I'm not about to go watch The Omen, I need something with substance. Although I do adore Julia Stiles so I might watch it at the cheap show...I can't believe I just admitted that.

Here's an idea, I'll be your personal chef for $20 a week.
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