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A change of heart

Disregard what I said about this becoming a private journal...I realize that I have a larger audience to target. Anyways I had this absurd craving for coffee this morning, so I decided to fix myself a cup. Whatever my mom is using...eck. It tastes really watered down and it's not really helping me out much...

Well, after watching At the IFC (most entertaining while listening to The New Pornographers, good combo I say), I've come up with a movie list for the summer/fall.

The Devil Wears Prada - I'm afraid I won't be able to read the book before hand, but it looks so good that I don't think I'll be able to pass it up (the movie.)
The Da Vinci Code - I read part of the book, I hear either you hate or love the movie, but I find the concept interesting so I plan on seeing it. Probably when it hits the cheap show.
The Lake House - I'm not a big fan of Reeves but I like Sandra Bullock. I'm kinda expecting the worst with this one, but it still sparks my interest.
Prarie Home Companion - It doesn't look like the type of film for everybody, it's pretty evident that it's pivoted towards a certain crowd.
Marie Antoinette - I think every cool person I know wants to see this one. Like my icon? :)

And then there's the movies I need to rent...
Just Like Heaven - It looks cute enough to watch, and while I can't remember the name of the guy who plays it I remember he's cute. :)
The Omen - I feel that I need to see the original to...okay well maybe I'm just curious.
TransAmerica - Not much to just looks hilarious.

In other news, there was an offer on the house; please pray that it goes through. My cousin's graduation party is today. I enjoy conversations with her boyfriend; quite an interesting character with intersting opinions...

I'll walk your dog for $2. :)
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