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I need to dye my hair, it looks like murky water which I don't find too flattering. I asked my mom if I could dye it when we were in Ohio, I figured that would be kinda cool to see everybody on Saturday night and then show up the next day with a new hair color, but she said no. :( So I guess I might have to do it Friday night, I'm getting pretty desperate. Not to mention I have the worst hair cut ever, but I'm learning to deal with it, it's not like I can do anything except wait for it to grow out.

I'm also pretty desperate for a job right now, I almost considered applying at the Country Oven then I reminded myself how I rather shoot myself before I work in the food business. And I'll be leaving in like a month anyways so what's the point? Anyways I finished my second book, I decided to read Beijing Doll next. It was pretty good, nothing like I expected, but a few of the lines really struck me. The thing about reading it though, is that it made me really crave Chinese food, like that won ton soup or whatever. Sounds really good right now. I think I'm going to the library tomorrow with my mom to drop off the books I already read and get a few more. I'm also planning on hanging out with Joni, who I haven't seen in two weeks.

I'm getting to be pretty adventurous when it comes to food. We hardly ever have any food at home any more, so we have to eat with whatever we can come up with. Mom has been pretty creative and me and Joni got into the habit of making all the sides for the meal. We had left over chicken from today, so I plan on making what I plan on calling "Chicken Dumplin Surprise." Haha, should come out pretty interesting 'cause the only thing we have to put in it is a fair amount of spices and some diced tomatos. But when you're this broke I guess you're kinda forced to be creative. Mom and I were talking about it in the car today; at least when she works she can eat at the cafeteria. I started to actually miss school, at least I had hot food once a day haha. This would kinda make some people grumpy I guess, but I really do find it humourous. Anyways I decided I need to write a novel to make some spare cash...lmao

This town really stinks sometimes, I want a Clinic CD so bad, I think I'm kinda obsessed with them right now. Even if I had the money to get one, I wouldn't be able to find it anywhere around here.
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