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Whoever invented hoodie tunics was retarded. Everytime I see one I just want to shake my head. I feel sorry for whoever is caught wearing one. Anyways I watched Sid And Nancy today, what a disapointment. Not really worth was a waste of 3 hours. While it was only about and hour and a half, we (Joni and I) had to keep stopping it every five seconds 'cause Nathan kept coming out to get food. It was pretty vulger, I won't be watching it again.

I don't know why clothing companies make bras with lace on them. I think that's pretty stupid, I mean nobody's gonna see um. Really, I don't want a "pretty" bra, I just want something to wear under my shirt. No frills, no stupid lace, I really wouldn't wear one but that's kinda tacky. Leopard print is tacky as well, it's not sexy, just tacky. Be sure to tell your friends. Kay thanks.

I've still been getting used to this weird haircut of mine. Today I'm kinda thankful for it though. We had these people come to see the house today, and they had this girl about my age. She looked kinda bland...long blond hair, skinny and what not. Anyways she looked pretty boring. She gave my bedroom a good look-over...maybe it was all the elephants. Or maybe it was all the guitars. O.o; So yeah, I'm glad I'm not blond any more anyways.
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