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Good things come from Canada

I had this dream that my family and I were at Chicken Shack, and they had lime green Kool Aid so we asked for some, but then they like automatically ran out. So I told the people to give me a pitcher thing and I'd make some more but we didn't have enough sugar or something. Yeah, I've never been to a Chicken Shack in my life.

No one could possibly understand how much I love Metric right now. If you've never heard of them, go download some of their stuff like right now. Or ask me for some and I'll send you some good stuff. You know what else comes from Canada? Maple syrup...heck yeah. Anyways I ought to make a list of CDs I need to buy, gosh that would be the longest list ever.

I've been looking into college stuff and it's kinda freaking me out. In a kinda good/bad way. Does that even make sense? Ah never mind, anyways basically I can't afford it and it's really weird to think that I'm gonna be in college by the fall of next year. O.o;; I'm determined to get to Chicago no matter what it takes.

My family has been having a few problems lately...mostly health related. There's a lot of weird stuff going please pray for my family. :(
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