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I'm back now. Ohio is the worst place ever...don't ever go there. We stayed in the worst hotel ever and their breakfast tasted like poop. And there were some trashy white girls there. O.o;;;

Anyways I really love MSN radio. I also love this band Chin Up Chin Up, really cool stuff. I really wish I had an iPod right now, I wanted to get one from Walmart 'cause then I could get at 10% discount but I don't think they have them in white. I have to have white. Black is so cliche...

I found the sweetest sheets yesterday, so I'm planning on redecorating my whole entire room to match these sheets. They have green apples on um, is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard of? I got rid of my incense burner today, ew what was I ever thinking? Yankee candles all the way. Apple scented ones of course. I need some new wall art now 'cause I got rid of a lot of weird stuff I had. O.o;
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