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Climb the wall to make the sun rise in time

Sometimes when I go out I feel imitated by those cool kids with their cool haircuts...tight pants and designer bags (wtf...?). It makes me think...screw you, you artsy bastards! Then I realize, I'm half-artsy-bastard myself. -_-' A healthy, happy medium somewhere around the place where I admit I have the Nicole Richie shades (but I don't wear them when I go to Walgreens), I actually listen to "the music" because I enjoy it, and I fit in with the free-thinker/perhaps out-dated hippie types. But I can't really help the fact that I love to paint and I play the acoustic guitar, it's really a part of my genetic (thanks, dad) makeup. I didn't ask to be the black-sheep of my immediate family, honest.

Aside from that, I'm sick of people telling me to go into nursing. Seriously, do I really look like I'm cut out for nusing? While the atmosphere of Beaumont is comforting to me, is it really a surprise? I ruled the halls of Saratoga Hospital when I was six, my dad working in maintainence, my mom working there and my grandma being in charge of the volunteers. In fact, I think I love hospitals, or at least I really enjoy them, but why would I ever want to work there? I'm such a blood-phobiac that even thinking about it makes me twitch. Bodily functions gross me out...and I nearly failed biology, like any hospital would seriously want to hire me? Don't think so. And it would be such a waste, with all my useless knowledge about the last five decades and my obsession with modern and contemporary art. Yeah...such a waste...

Therefore I will persue my Advertising BA at The Chicago Institute of Art, even if you don't think I can do it and I don't have enough money. I will do it. I will get out of this town and build a name for myself.

I discovered that I hate bars last night. I much rather be at a library.
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