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To make a greater Omaha

Been pretty busy but I've been meaning to write some stuff. Actually I gotta make a list of thoughts and I'll post them later. I was supposed to be at Warped Tour today but it didn't happen, maybe 'cause I woke up a little past noon. But that's how I roll these days, and I'm quite content.

Yesterday while I was at the bookstore I saw an old friend, and of course I felt ridiculous trying to make small talk. I always notice that I resort to making compliments about random things like jewlery but still, it was very awkward. I really feel like I have to practice at being myself...because I never feel comfortable around anyone. At a time like that I would rather just say..."hey...find anything good to read?" And indeed she had, so I commented about the Nylon magazine she was holding, which is why I really came to the bookstore in the first place. I could of asked her what she liked best about it or how it was really stupid how Farmer Jack sold Nylon for Guys but not the original Nylon at their stores, but no I talked it up like the fool I am. Then I tried to hide myself away in the fiction section looking for books I really wasn't planning on buying. I think I picked up two, but ended up writing the titles on my hand 'cause I figured I'd pick them up at the library, even though I have six books already out. We were at the shop for at least two hours, long enough for me to realize the shop clerk was really cute and for Sherry to tell me they were hiring. How I would love to work there. Shelly and I had a long talk about a certain ex boyfriend of mine, it was pretty interesting because we were actually talking about astrology to begin with. We finished with a synopsis of my favorite movie, Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? (Which I would love to have on DVD for my birthday.) She bought some carrot cake, Sherry bought some things for her new class, and I got Nylon and Look Look magazine. Both very good reads and I highly recommend them.

I plan on dying my hair today. "Blush Blonde," I guess I'm sick of being brunette at the moment. I discovered I want to live in Rochester. Anybody want to room with me?

Oh, and remember this while buying school clothes this year. White is the new black.
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